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Man, I Hate DRM

April 2nd, 2007 · 8 Comments · Digital Preservation

Well that was a waste of time. I tracked down and bought a song that I had heard several times recently (on my favourite Internet radio station SomaFM) only to have it locked up by draconian DRM technology. There is no way that I am introducing this digital mutation into my personal digital archive. I [...]

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Does my Digital Archives need a Digital Repository System?

November 27th, 2006 · 5 Comments · Digital Preservation, System Architecture, System Requirements

I have had this discussions with colleagues several times over the past couple of years. Somebody is getting ready to prototype a digital archives at their archival institution and the first question they ask is, “which open-source repository system should I use? Dspace? Fedora? Greenstone? Eprints? ” However, as a system analyst, I believe “what [...]

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Digital Preservation: An Overview

October 13th, 2006 · 4 Comments · Digital Preservation, Meetings & Presentations

I have just ‘hopped’ backed home to Vancouver from Edmonton, Alberta where I delivered a presentation called ‘Digital Preservation: An Overview’ at the Managing Information Assets in the Public Sector Conference. I’ll be taking the short flight straight back Monday next week to work on a digital archives analysis project for the City of Edmonton. [...]

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IS&T Archiving 2006

May 25th, 2006 · Comments Off · Digital Preservation, Meetings & Presentations

After a week of consulting work in Washington, D.C., I flew into Ottawa two days ago for the IS&T Archiving 2006 conference hosted at the Library and Archives of Canada. I gave a high-speed rant of a presentation yesterday about ‘Web 2.0 and Access to Digital Archives’. A day later, other presenters are still promising [...]

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Digital Archives

November 8th, 2005 · Comments Off · Digital Preservation, Terms & Definitions

A digital archives is a repository that stores one or more collections of digital information objects with the intention of providing long-term access to the information. A digital archives can be a sophisticated, multi-tiered storage system or simply a C:\ drive on someone’s home computer.

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