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Digital Preservation: An Overview

October 13th, 2006 · 4 Comments · Digital Preservation, Meetings & Presentations

I have just ‘hopped’ backed home to Vancouver from Edmonton, Alberta where I delivered a presentation called ‘Digital Preservation: An Overview’ at the Managing Information Assets in the Public Sector Conference. I’ll be taking the short flight straight back Monday next week to work on a digital archives analysis project for the City of Edmonton.

I’ve posted a webcast version of my presentation in the Papers and Presentation section of this website. In the presentation I tried to give an introduction to the problem of digital preservation, the various initiatives and tools that are attempting to address this problem, and outlined how the OAIS standard can be used as the basis of developing an institutional digital preservation strategy.

I’ve also posted the list of 50 citations and references that I used in the presentation.

Check it out if you would like a general introduction to this very interesting and timely topic or if you are simply curious how I managed to get Monty Python’s Holy Grail, Mad Max the Road Warrior and the Sesame Street muppets into a presentation on digital preservation.

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