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I shall blog!

April 27th, 2006 · No Comments · PhD Research

Since I started my blog (late October 2005) I had been successful in posting about once a week. However, an entire month and a half has now gone by since my last blog entry.

If I thought that I actually had regular readers I would make an apology for the radio silence. However, I realize that this blog is primarily a vehicle for me personally to organize ideas and track the progress of activities related to my research, so I’ll just leave this as a note to myself: don’t forget to blog, it helps to push along your projects and ideas as well as improving your writing process in general.

O.K. so let’s get back on this blogging horse. I do have good reasons for my absence. In March I was busy finishing off an intensive client project on integrating records management requirements into Financial Management Information Systems. Then, in early April I went to the Netherlands to visit with my research supervisors as well as to finally kick-off a very interesting software development contract that will go hand-in-hand with my research work. Unfortunately, I cannot officially say anything more than that until the client announces the project themselves. However, once they do, I expect to be posting quite regularly about this project as it evolves over the coming months.

One of the interesting concepts which I picked up from my discussions in the Netherlands is the idea of the ‘virtual research room’ (as a seperate extension of an archives access system) which is something that Peter Horsman at the Dutch Archiefschool is conceptualizing along with colleagues at the Breda City Archives (other institutions such as the Dutch National Archives and the National Archives of Australia have also been working on this concept).

I also learned a bit more about the DIVA-sponsored ‘Digital Society of the Past‘ project which is attempting to establish a peer-to-peer network of digital archival materials.

Both of these have given me some insight into how to conceptualize a model environment in which digital archival materials might be shared and organized as part of a mixed network of public and private archival collections.

I will post about this over the coming weeks as I begin to prepare the presentations that I will make on my research thus far (namely, archives access systems and Web 2.0 technologies and practices) at three upcoming conferences (IS&T Archiving 2006, ACA 2006, SAA 2006).