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Personal Digital Archives

October 28th, 2005 · No Comments · Personal Digital Archives, Terms & Definitions

Personal digital archives are the collections of archival materials that people worldwide are creating at an accelerating rate due to the popularity and ubiquity of personal computers and related technologies such as digital cameras, MP3 players and personal websites.

Like archival institutions, individuals are also overwhelmed with challenges and choices when it comes to managing their digital archives to ensure future access and use.

In my research I want to determine if and how archival principles, practices and technologies that are used in institutional settings can be applied to the management of personal digital archives.

Related issues include determining the distinctions, if any, between digital archives and digital libraries, e.g. digital information that was created by the individual vs. digital information (music, movies, articles, etc.) that was purchased or collected from external sources. What are the copyright or digital rights management issues from the perspective of the individual that just wants to maintain access to information that they’ve gathered and used over time?