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PhD Administrative Information

October 27th, 2005 · No Comments · PhD Research

I am a Doctoral Candidate in Archives and Information Science at the University of Amsterdam. In June 2005 my PhD research proposal was approved and registered in the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Research Database.

My master’s degree is in Archival Studies (University of British Columbia). I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree (History and English, Simon Fraser University) as well as a Certificate of Software Engineering (University of British Columbia).

My thesis supervisor (‘promoter’) is Eric Ketelaar, Professor of Archivistics (Archival Science) in the Department of Mediastudies (Archive and Information Studies) at the University of Amsterdam.

My day-to-day supervisor (‘dagelijks begeleider’) is Peter Horsman, research coordinator and lecturer, Archiefschool: Netherlands Institute for Archival Education and Research (Hogeschool van Amsterdam/Universiteit van Amsterdam).

I am pursuing my doctorate research at UvA as an external candidate (‘buitenpromovendus’) which is defined by the UvA Guide for PhD Researchers (April 2003) as a ‘PhD student not employed by the university and who is working on a doctoral thesis without the involvement of a faculty but with a professor as thesis supervisor.’

We will be following a ‘sandwich model’ which, according to the UvA Information For Foreign Candidates (February 2000), ‘means that a large part of the research is carried out in the candidate’s homeland and supervision is exercised across the distance.’

I am a Canadian citizen and resident of New Westminster, British Columbia (near Vancouver) but I was born in The Netherlands and still hold Dutch citizenship. From Canada I will be in regular contact with my supervisors via email, telephone and online collaboration tools. I will also meet in person with my supervisors in the Netherlands at regular intervals to review the status of my research and to make any necessary adjustments to the research plan.

Although the abstract will be in Dutch, the language of my final PhD thesis and the working language of my research will be English.

While completing my PhD research I will continue to work, as I have since 2001, as a consultant for Artefactual Systems.